There’s Nothing Like a Bit of Healthy Competion!

The team at Twinkles Wetherby were recently set a challenge by Amy their Nursery Manager. They were asked to look at their room and the areas of provision and how they could enhance it. The girls were given just £50 and had a few weeks to research, prepare and create, before presenting it to the rest of the nursery. Competition was fierce as the rooms competed against each other to have their room declared the winner.

The Baby Stars team developed their black and white area, made a cosy story corner, added to their existing Heuristic resources and even got their tool kit out to create a ‘busy board!’

In Rising Stars they created a fantastic dinosaur world, an amazing music and movement area, added to their existing sand and water areas and made a cosy den as part of their home corner. They looked at children’s current interests and used these to add additional resources such as a cleaning set to the home corner, which the children love!

Shooting Stars really had their work cut out as they had not one but two rooms to look at. They managed to redevelop every single area of the room, looking at how each area was currently used, which were popular areas, which areas were unused and the children’s current interests.

A stage was added to the music and movement area, loose parts were added to the construction, sand and water areas to enable more open ended play and they even made a Christmas writing area!

After much deliberation Shooting Stars were eventually declared the winner, but there was a small prize for everyone. Well done Twinkles Wetherby!!

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