The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have recenty had a whole week of Very Hungry Caterpillar activities at Twinkles Wetherby. The letter of the week in pre-school was ‘H’ and the children chose ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ as their story of the week. The children shared the story at circle time and then talked about the different foods the caterpillar ate, what happened to him and what activities they could do at nursery. Firstly they painted some fantastic pictures of the caterpillar and all the tasty fruit he tucked into!!

We then used a selection of food to create our very own caterpillars to eat at snack time. This gave us oppourtunity to talk about healthy and unhealthy foods and use the knives to prepare the ingredients. Both activities are excellent for physical development.

We also used food to create caterpillar kebabs, carefully threading our chosen ingredients onto wooden skewers. Some of the children chose to recreate the colours of the Hungry Caterpillar, whilst others made up their own patterns. Threading is a fantastic activity for developing fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.

The children got very creative with balloons and footprints and made a giant Hungry Caterpillar picture. This was very messy but lots of fun and allowed the children to be creative, explore new painting techniques and encouraged them to work as part of a team!

There was some fantastic model making of caterpillars as the children made their own dough and then created with it. Playdough is fantastic for developing a wide range of skills: We developed maths skills as we measured out the ingredients, developed an understanding of the world as we watched the sticky mess turn into a useable dough, developed motor skills as we rolled, squeezed and moulded our models, developed creative skills as we decided what our model was going to look like and developed language skills as we talked the process through, described how it felt and chatted to our friends!!

Finally there were the fantastic symetrical butterflies! We painted patterns on one side of our butterfly and then folded it in half to print the pattern. Several of the children painted the letter of the week of their butterflies, whilst others explored what happened when they mixed the colours.

Who knew one little story could lead us onto so many fantastic activities!!


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