Autumn Activities

We have been very busy here at Twinkles recently, following the children’s interests in the changing seasons. There has been lots of opportunity to find out about the world in which we live and develop new skills at the same time. As it’s Autumn, there have been lots of leaf related activities. The children have enjoyed collecting leaves from the nursery gardens and out on walks in our local environment. Once the leaves were brought back to nursery, the children have enjoyed sorting them into different colours, sizes and shapes, all fantastic activities to support mathmatical development. We have painted the leaves a variety of colours and then printed the patterns onto paper. The light box was used to help us examine the leaves more closely and the children developed language skills as they talked about what the leaves looked and felt like.

The older children enjoyed being creative with some transient art out in the garden. They collected a wide range of natural objects and used them to create patterns. Some children arranged objects in lines, others made shapes and some children even made the letters of their names!

Collecting up leaves led to the discovery of several worms, which sparked of a new interest in minibeasts. The children enjoyed hunting high and low and into every corner of the garden and eventually more creatures were found. There were lots more wriggly worms, a very colourful shield bug and a couple of spiders.We made our own spiders using a range of craft materials and enjoyed a homemade number matching game, which supported number recognition, counting  and even fine motor skills.

The children have enjoyed exploring sensory trays and some of the best ones have been the Halloween themed ones. We’ve had pumpkin goo, cooked spaghetti, cold mushy peas, cornflour gloop and coloured flour. We have made lots of marks in the trays using our fingers and a range of tools, this will help us with our writing skills. Coloured rice was very popular and a range of utensils and containers meant that it became quite a noisy activity, one the babies particularly enjoyed!

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