Twinkles Oxford Place

We are very excited to announce that our new nursery, Twinkles Oxford Place, has opened it’s doors and already has children exploring the shiny new surroundings, making friends and trying out all the fantastic resources!!

After a crazy few weeks working alongside the builders and around the decorators we have managed to transform what was offices, into a beautiful 60 place nursery.

At the start of the project we looked like this…

Then slowly but surely we started to see some changes. A hole was made in each floor ready for the food lift to be installed, this was incredibly hard work as the floors are solid concrete reinforced with steel!!

There were lots and lots of boxes delivered, lots and lots of boxes to unpack and lots and lots of boxes to take away for recycling!

The soft play equipment and indoor climbing frame arrived all the way from France!!14390630_2573350012683585_2510777203013920401_n

But finally we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the rooms started to look more like a nursery and less like a building site!!

After four extremely long and busy weeks we finally had a nursery to be proud of, with a Baby Stars, Rising Stars and Shooting Stars…

A kitchen for all our tasty food to be made in, a soft play room for burning off some energy…

And a fantastic outdoor play area for all weathers!!

 If you are interested in a place at our new nursery or would like to look round, please telephone 0113 827 0103

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