Wear It Wild Day

We had lots of fun at Twinkles Knaresborough on Wear It Wild Day! We dressed up as our favourite animals, there were Tigers, Zebras, Leopards and more. Did you know that since 1970, populations of wild species have fallen by half?  The WWF are working hard to ensure that wild populations of iconic species such as tigers, rhinos and gorillas are protected.2016-05-26 06.10.09

We made sensory swamps for our animals using green jelly, pebbles and broccoli for trees. We developed our language skills as we described what the jelly felt like on our hands. We also talked about the different wild animals, looked at them in books and found out more about them, where they live, what they eat and how they move!

The Baby Stars had lots of fun developing fine motor skills as they planted broccoli trees in playdough for their animals to munch on! The Baby Stars also played with their animal skittles and animal stacking cubes, both are fantastic activities for developing  hand eye co-odination.

The Shooting Stars designed and made their own animal masks using a range of materials. They had fantastic scissor skills as they carefully cut up paper plates, tissue paper and scraps of fabric, made eye holes so they could see and even added their own elastic (with a little bit of help) to secure the masks to their heads!

We also enjoyed moving like animals out in the garden, making lots of animal noises and dancing to our favourite animal songs. After all the excitement of the day, we tucked into a tasty tea of snake sandwiches and tiger tails!!

We even had a tiger come and join us for tea!!2016-05-26 03.50.02

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