The Garden Challenge

All five nurseries were recently set the challenge of developing their outdoor areas, they were give a budget of £200 each and had to ensure that the garden offered learning opportunities for all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. The garden needed to be accessible for children of all ages and all weather play also needed to be considered. Everyone was very competitive and with only a small budget they definitely had to think outside the box!

This is what Knaresborough garden looked like in the beginning…

After several weeks of upcycling, building, painting, making and fixing the garden looked very different!

Twinkles Leeds were also very creative with their use of materials, upcycling crates to use as storage for the different areas and even building a climbing wall with the help of one of their parents. Here’s the before pictures…

And after all the hard work, the garden looked like this…

Wetherby are lucky enough to have direct access to the garden from each of their rooms, this did however mean that they had not one, but three outdoor areas to develop! It went from this…

To this fantastic space, there’s lots for the children to see and do out here!

At Twinkles Boston Spa they started off with a garden like this…

And finished with this amazing outdoor space!! The children were even involved and created a tile each to decorate the walls and the pre-school children made beautiful dream catchers to hang under the canopy!

Last but not least is Twinkles White Rose. They really did have a challenge as their outdoor area is very large!! Here is what it looked like in the beginning…

And these are all the beautiful features they added to it!!

The judges visited each of the sites and the teams were given the oppotunity to talk through their project, how learning within the EYFS was supported and what challenges they faced. After a lot of deliberation and an awful lot of discussion, the winner was finally chosen. Well done Twinkles Boston Spa!! Everyone did exceptionally well though and they put in a huge amount of effort. We can’t wait to set the next challenge!

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