A Right Royal Birthday

We have recently been very interested in the Queen at Twinkles. The boys and girls had heard and seen lots about the Queens impending 90th birthday and were keen to find out more about her. We talked about where she lived, using the computer to look at a map of Great Britain. We then looked at how far away it was and how we might get there if we went to see her. We decided that London was too far for us to walk and we would have to travel by car or train.

We talked about how old the Queen was going to be, 90 is a very big number and it’s very tricky to count to! We decided to make the Queen some birthday cards so she knew we were thinking of her on her special day. Once it was finished, we put it in an envelope and carefully wrote her address on the front, then we had to stick a stamp on and the stamp had a picture of the Queen on it!!

We had lots of fun making castles out of junk modelling and building castles with the bricks. We made a giant castle in our homecorner and crowns so we could be Kings and Queens and out in the garden we built a draw bridge to go over the moat!!

We had lots of fun finding out about the Queen, we talked about what she looked like, what kind of clothes she wore, who was in her family, what she liked to eat and what she like to do when she wasn’t working! We even painted some beautiful pictures of her for our Queen at 90 display. IMG_7711

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