Healthy Body Happy Me

We recently took part in the National Day Nurseries Association, Healthy Body Happy Me Campaign. We spent a whole week finding out how we can look after ourselves to ensure we are healthy. The first day was ‘Eat Well, Feel Fantastic’ and we talked about healthy foods and not so healthy foods. We read the story ‘Handa’s Suprise’ and talked about the different kinds of fruits that Handa had in her basket. We then took a trip to our local market and to the shops to look at the different fruits and vegeatables. We were able to find lots of the fruits in the story and enjoyed feeling and smelling them all before deciding which ones we wanted to buy. The pineapple was very prickly and very heavy!

We took all our tasty fruit back to nursery and cut it open to see what they looked like inside, we then had lots of fun tasting them all, some of them were very juicy but very tasty!

On Tuesday the theme was ‘Caring for our Bodies’ so we talked about how to stay clean, how germs can make us poorly and the importance of washing our hands and brushing our teeth. We even showed the babies how to brush their teeth! We also looked at what’s inside our bodies and what each of the different parts do to help us stay healthy. We used our computer to find out more information about our bodies and made our own giant body, carefully adding each of the different body parts and organs.

Wednesday was ‘Magic Movers’ and we spent the day exploring lots of different ways of moving, playing games, doing our exercises and learning new physical skills. We loved the ball games in our football session and of course there was lots of dancing to our favourite songs from Frozen!!

Thursday was the ‘Great Outdoors’ and we enjoyed getting out and about in our local area, there’s lots to see and do near all of our nurseries and we enjoyed walks to the park, transport spotting, feeding the ducks and a visit to the farm. We also were very excited to see ducks and rabbits at the petting farm that was visiting the White Rose centre!

Friday was ‘Reflection Friday’ and we looked back through the weeks activities, talked about all the different ways we can be healthy and looked at some of our favourite activities. We really enjoyed making animal masks to go with the story of Handa’s Surprise, creating collage fruit baskets and making our own tasty fruit kebabs!

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