Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken…

We were very excited to take delivery of some eggs at Twinkles Boston Spa recently! The eggs were very carefully placed in a incubator to keep warm and we watched and waited, and we waited and we watched…

Eventually a little crack appeared, followed by a little hole. Every now and then a tiny little beak pecked away at the shell and the hole grew bigger and bigger until the shell broke in two!! The first chick was out, we were very excited and couldn’t wait for him to get some friends!! When we arrived the following morning, he had not one but three fluffy friends and they were being very noisy!!

We put the special light on in the house to warm it up and then moved them across so they had a bit more space to run around. We gave them some water to drink and some special seeds just for chicks. We watched them during the day, took photos on the camera, drew and painted fantastic pictures of them and read stories about chicks. We used the computer to find out why the chicks were different colours and discovered that the brown ones were girls and the yellow ones were boys!

The chicks settled quickly into their house and a few more cracks started to appear in the remaining eggs, just before hometime. When we arrived the following morning, there were two more fluffy chicks and one still coming out of his shell. We waited all day but he was making very slow progress, it was almost hometime before he made it out and he looked exhausted, we were a bit worried he might not make it…

His friends rallied round him as he rested and at 6pm we moved them into the main house, ready to spend the weekend with Adele. We were still worried as he was so weak but Adele promised to take good care of him and all the other chicks. We decided to name him Hero! The following morning we got an update from Adele, Hero had made it through the night and after a long sleep, he was just as happy as the rest of his friends. When the chicks returned to nursery on Monday, we couldn’t believe how much they had grown!!

After a couple more days at nursery, we said a sad goodbye to the chicks as they headed back to the farm which would become their home!

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