Garden Development

The big girls at Twinkles Boston Spa have been very busy developing the outdoor area. First of all they made a Construction Area. Several of the children were spending extended periods of time building with anything they could find, so we used our Twinkles Facebook page to appeal to our parents for items to add to it. One mans junk really is another man’s treasure and we acquired several very useful items. A themed number line was added, along with a selection of other signs linking to the construction theme. Hard hats and high vis vests were ordered and with the help of the children, the new construction site was built.

Next up was an outdoor abacus to further the counting skills of the children. The boys and girls were very keen to help make this and they even made a pattern with the colours of the balls, which appeared on each of the lines. Screwing the hooks in to the fence was hard work and was definitely a team effort.

Finally we found pictures of the different bugs that might be living in our garden. We laminated the pictures and put them up on the fence, to help us identify anything we might find. There’s even a list to record what we see each day!

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