Help Your Child to Learn at Home

Here are a few easy activity ideas you can try at home that will help support your child’s development…

How about supporting some fine motor skills by posting corks into an empty bottle, threading cereal onto spaghetti or arranging flowers in a colander?

You could support development of gross motor skills by making a racing car track on old wall paper, playing tennis with balloons and fly swats or using stiff sweeping brushes and washing up liquid to creating some foamy fun on the patio!

You could entertain your baby with a treasure basket, some ice play or by making a posting centre from an old tissue or wipe box.

Or what about going on a colour treasure hunt, making a numbered car garage or playing a matching game with an assortment of socks?!

There are lots more ideas for activities to try at home on our Five Twinkling Stars Facebook page or you could follow us on PInterest.

If you try any of the ideas out, we’d love to hear about it, so don’t forget to let us know how it went and send in some pictures for your child’s Learning Journey.

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