A Little Red Flower…

It all started with a little red flower the Shooting Stars children at Wetherby saw on their walk. It sparked lots of interest and lots of conversation. Once back at nursery the children were keen to get the paints out and document these beautiful flowers.

This is where it all began...
This is where it all began…

After lunch we made playdough with the children so they could make a three dimensional representation of the flowers. Playdough is always popular and more children became involved . We explored lots of ways to mould the dough such as rolling, squeezing, patting and used a selection of tools to make some lovely flowers.


 On Thursday there was still talk of the flowers and on a walk in to town we kept a look out for red things. The children spotted all sorts; street signs, doors, cars, a postbox and clothes in shop windows to name a few. We saw more red flowers and even bought our own from the flowers shop so we could do some observational drawing back at nursery. Some of the children chose to create pictures of the flowers using collage materials. We have put all the work and pictures together to create a fantastic display!IMG_4969 IMG_4974

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