Primary School Offers

April 16th 2015 marks the day where Primary School Offer Letters will be emailed and posted out to parents, a big day for families across Yorkshire. Some councils require you to log on to the system to check your offer, so it’s best to double check today just in case!

It is a legal requirement that children start school from the beginning of the school term after their fifth birthday.

If your child was born between the 1st September 2010 and the 31st August 2011, they will be due to start primary school in September 2015.

Offer letters will be emailed to parents who have opted to receive email communications, otherwise, your child’s offer letter will be sent out by second class post which may take a few more days for them to arrive.

If you haven’t received your first choice of primary school, you have until the 18th May to appeal against the refusal. All appeals received before the 30th April will automatically be added to that schools’ waiting list.
Responses to appeals will take up to 40 school days if received before the deadline.

It is advised that you accept the place you have been offered in your letter, whilst you are waiting for your appeal to be heard and responded to. This will ensure that your child has a place in primary education for September 2015. You can accept the place by contacting the school directly, and doing so will not affect your appeal.

For more information, you can visit the government website at:
or alternatively, you can speak to your nursery manager who will be happy to advise.

If your child is due to start school in September 2015, but you haven’t yet applied for a primary school place, please ring 0113 222 4414 or email

For North Yorkshire appeals, please call 01609 533679 or visit—appeals

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