One Man’s Junk…

…Another Man’s Treasure.

Creativity can stem from the simplest of things, items we would usually regard as waste or rubbish can soon be transformed into something new and wonderful.
Our children, and our practitioners are incredibly creative; and are on the look out for bits and pieces that you may have lying around at home or in the garden that you no longer need.

Anything from bottle caps, scrap paper, old fabric or clothing, empty tubs, plastic guttering and even old kitchen utensils – we can put good use to things that no longer serve a purpose to you. Bricks and pieces of wood can be transformed into a bug hotel for children to observe the creepy crawlies, and old pots and pans can be transformed into an outdoor musical wall for the children to use, listening to the different noises they can create!

So, we’re asking parents to spend just five minutes having a look in their cupboards and drawers and see if there’s anything hidden away that you don’t need any more; it’s spring after all, so it’s the best time for a little clear out!
If you think you have something suitable, please pop into the nursery office or reception area and hand it in! I’m sure you will be amazed by what we can create from it!

Not only is it great for the children’s creativity, but it also promotes recycling and teaches the children the importance of looking after the world we live in.

If you have anything to donate, but aren’t a parent of the nursery, please email

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