8 Child Friendly April Fools!

April Fools is just around the corner, which gives you a perfect opportunity to have some fun with your little ones,
Here are just a few little tricks you can play, guaranteed to have them giggling for the whole day!

1) Jelly Juice 


Set some jelly into your little one’s favourite juice cup and leave it in the fridge over night, give it to them the next day and watch their confused faces as they try to drink it!

2) Colourful Bath

Dab a little food colouring around the inside of the bath tap, when it comes to bath time they will be amazed at the colour changing water!

3) Topsy Turvy House 

When everyone is asleep, turn as many things upside down as you can. They will be totally confused when they wake up the next day!

4) Frozen Cereal

Pre-make your child’s breakfast cereal and pop it into the freezer, your little one won’t suspect a thing when they sit down the next day to tuck into their breakfast!

5) Googly Eyes

Bring the house to life by adding googly eyes to normal household items. Your child will be so surprised to see the contents of the fridge has come to life!

6) Lollipop Surprise
Create your own special lollipops and watch the confusion – pop some broccoli florets onto lollipop sticks and cover with tissue paper.

7) Cereal Shock

Sneakily add a few drops of food colouring to the bottom of the bowl, cover with cereal then watch their faces as you pour milk over their cereal!

8) Balloon Bonanza 

Get a few helium balloons and hide them in unexpected places; their wardrobe, the fridge, even in the toilet (make sure you close the lid!) Your little ones will be so surprised when the balloon pops out of nowhere!

Will you be playing any silly tricks on your little ones? Make sure to share your photos! Email emily@twinklesnurseries.com

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