There have been a few outbreaks of chickenpox across our nurseries over the past few weeks, so here’s a little bit of useful information for our parents:

Chickenpox can be identified as small pus filled spots, that usually develop first on the trunk (stomach/back) before spreading onto arms, legs and the head.
If you suspect your child may have chicken pox, you should take them to your local GP to get a confirmed diagnosis.
Your child should not be in nursery, or around other children until the spots have completely dried up and/or scabbed over.
This can take anything from 5-8 days after the spots arrive.

Chickenpox is highly contagious, so we appreciate parents cooperation with this matter to prevent the infection from spreading further.

To treat the chickenpox:

Calpol can be administered to relief some of the irritability or soreness of the spots, making your little one more comfortable.
Calamine lotion has a cooling affect and can be applied to the spots to ease the itching.

If you notice a your child has a high temperature, or the spots look infected, then seek medical advice from your GP immediately.

For more information on chickenpox, please visit

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