Leeds Art Gallery

Wetherby Holiday Club trip to Leeds Art Gallery 

Twinkles Wetherby have a Holiday Club offering cover to children aged 5-11 during the school holidays. I was lucky enough to be invited along to one of their trips to the Leeds Art Gallery! I met the group at the bus stop on the Headrow, the children were wearing their high visibility jackets and were very excited to visit the gallery!

As we arrived, one of the gallery staff told us about the mobile book library, we were just in time to sit and listen to some stories! He read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Where The Wild Things Are, the children had lots of fun reading along and joining in with the actions.
Once the stories had finished, we made our way to the gallery!



We were ready for our lunch and the lovely lady gave us some big cushions so we could sit on the floor and have a picnic! The boys and girls tucked into their sandwiches, fruit and yoghurt’s and were very careful not to make a mess on the floor.

Once we’d eaten up all of our lunch it was time to go on an adventure around the gallery!
We set off around the gallery, the rooms were very big and had lots of big pictures! Some of scenery, animals, people and others were just very colourful.




We talked about the paints that had been used, and the colours, one lady came and talked to us about a big green painting that had been created using lots of layers of different coloured paints, she even showed us the side which showed the build up of layers! The children asked her lots of questions and she was very helpful.


There were some funny sculptures there too, we counted how many ladies we could see and watched a little video about how they were made!


We then visited the activity room where we built big towers out of blocks, and made plasticine creations, the lady there let us take them home! We played in the tent too, dressing up as a spaceman and a builder which was lots of fun.

100_0866 100_0868
Once we’d seen all the fantastic paintings and pictures it was time for us to go and get the bus! We walked back to the bus stop and waited for it to arrive, a fire engine went past and the firemen waved at us!!

We had a lovely day, and saw lots of exciting things! Thank you for Wetherby Twinkles for inviting me along for the day, and for Leeds Art Gallery for having us 🙂

The boys and girls wanted to take some photos too, enjoy some candid shots!






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