Class of 2014!

September is nearing, which means some of our pre-schoolers have been getting ready to leave for big school!
This is an exciting time for all the children that are leaving, and they have been spending lots of time learning new skills which will help them once they start primary school. They have had P.E Lessons, been brushing up on their fine motor skills by learning to tie their shoelaces, and button up their jackets!
They have been serving themselves at dinner times and have been discussing all the new things they might learn at big school and they are all very excited to make new friends!

To celebrate the children’s time with us here at the Twinkles Nurseries, we prepared special graduation ceremonies for mummies and daddies to come down and watch!
The children made their own graduation hats, and were presented with special graduation scrolls!
As a special treat for them, we had a visit from Magic Mal the Magician. All the children loved the show, and we especially enjoyed seeing Snowball the bunny rabbit!!
After the magic show we all sat down for a special party tea with sandwiches and crispy buns, followed by an extra special graduation cake – yum yum!

We all had a lovely afternoon and would like to thank all the mums and dads who came down to watch.
The staff will miss the school leavers lots, but want to wish them all the best for the future! We hope that you come back and visit us and tell us all about your new big schools!!!

Congratulations Twinkles Class of 2014!!!


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